Banquet Details

Banquet Policies

DEPOSIT: Based on the date and/or size of your event, the Brookshire will require a deposit equal to at least the amount of the room rental upon confirmation of the event date.

PAYMENTS: Direct bill applications must be approved a minimum of seven days prior to the function. For all social functions, including but not limited to: wedding receptions, club events, fraternities, sororities, etc…payment is required in full no less than 96 hours prior to the function.
Brookshire accepts cash, check, visa, mastercard or discover card. Payments over the phone will be subject to a 4% service fee.

PRICING: Price quotations (verbal or written) are subject to change due to fluctuation in food costs or increased costs of operation. Confirmed pricing will be set 90 days prior to the event. All food and beverages served are subject to a 6% Michigan sales tax and 20% service charge.
Groups requesting tax exemption must complete a tax exempt form prior to the event.

BOOKING PROCEDURE: It is Brookshire’s preference when planning an event to work with only one person. This ensures a successful event due to accurate communication. Banquet services must be notified three weeks prior to the event with menu sclection, bar set up, linen choices, estimated number of guests and any other pertinent details.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: All federal, state & local laws pertaining to food and beverage purchases are strictly adhered to. All food and beverage must be purchased through Brookshire. No food or beverage with the exception of wedding desserts may be brought on the premises. Leftover food or beverages may not be taken off premise due to state health regulations.
All alcoholic beverages must be served by a Brookshire employee and consumed on premise. All beverages must be purchased from the Brookshire in accordance with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. No alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone under 21 years of age.
The Brookshire reserves the right to discontinue service of alcoholic beverages to any individual. If a packaged price has been purchased, no refund will be given.

MULTIPLE ENTREE SELECTIONS: Entree selections on all banquets will be limited to one plated selection unless dietary needs exist. If multiple entree selections are ordered, a multiple entree charge of $1.00 per person will be assessed for each additional entree offered.

SMOKING POLICY: The Brookshire is a smoke free facility. Smoking is permitted outside the building entrance or off the deck.

ENTERTAINMENT: Musicians, bands, photographers and the like are to be booked by the client and will be solely their responsibility. If these groups are to be included in your guaranteed meal count, please advice the banquet services department ten days prior to the event. All bands/DJ must finish by 1:00am. The banquet room must be emptied by 2:00am.

GUARANTEE POLICY: The Brookshire must be notified ten days prior to the event with your exact number of guests. This number will be your guaranteed number and can not be decreased once given. If no guaranteed number is received by the timeline given, Brookshire will consider the last indication of expected guests as your guarantee. The guaranteed number will be the minimum number for billing procedures. Iffewer guests attend than the number guaranteed you will be charged for 100% or the guaranteed number. The Brookshire will prepare food for 5% above your guarantee. If the number of guests excceds 5%, you will be charged for additional guests, Brookshire reserves the right to substitute food if your guest count exceeds 105%.

LIABILITY & DAMAGES: The Brookshire reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. Liability for an damage to the premises will be the responsibility of an charged to the sponsoring organization. The party in charge of the function is responsible for the conduct of all who attend.
The Brookshire will not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left on the premises prior to or following the function. This includes decorations brought in by the client.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us or call Melissa at (517)-655-4694, extension 3